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Yesterday my blog Brain surgery meets virtual reality for eye-opening learning experience was published by Nokia. Click the link to learn more about what, for me, a neurologist, was mind-blowing. In this picture you can see me in the middle of a WAU experience. Virtual and augmented reality bring forth meaningful opportunities also for medicine.

This is my personal blog with my personal opinions. I am starting a new series Have a Byte of Health. In this series I will cover a range of different health related topics. My aim is to write summaries on interesting medical research that has caught my eye. I hope to translate medical jargon to something more understandable. One path to this is linking research findings to everyday life examples and experiences. I will also write about what science has figured ­– or thinks it has figured out – about humans.

The ongoing research journey into human health and being a human being is a winding road. Along the road one constantly finds bits of data pieces. How do they fit into the – often puzzling – Human Health puzzle. Findings both inspire us and challenge our understanding. And how to sort facts from fiction? Is the picture gaining clarity or becoming foggier, even to some extent distorted? And what is science fiction? I hope my writings tickle the mind and pick brains.

My first blog in this series is about matters of the heart. I hope you enjoy the read!

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