Cultivating ideas ripe – just right for consumer bite

While walking my mind raced
How are economic battles fought I thought

© Michael Müller

© Michael Müller

Transparency, being open and true
Golden thumb rules for company success
I’ve been often told

Those who claim they know the secrets to success also say

Leaders of business winners inspire
Let minds fly sky high
Put people on mental fire
Make them burn with desire to
Dream big
Dig deep
Aim for the moon
Explore and soar
Create, participate, dare to innovate

But I’ve also been warned

Big leaps don’t come cheap
Grasping for diamonds is risky
Best to put an end to dreaming
Reality bites
Time to execute
Change mental mode
Play it safe
Do the obvious
Put out the intangible fires still burning in peoples’ hearts
Extinguish dreams that only few seem to see

Time to motivate anew
Dazzle new ripe minds to
Create, participate, dare to innovate
Dream and hope once more

Preach the gospel of transparency, of being true

Smooth talk – sugarcoated words
People matter
Trust, loyalty, honesty, sharing and caring
Cultivates innovations
Voilà – a blender crunches a smoothie on values
Fix it
Mix it
Stardust the road to success


Beware of mental fire and creative flames
Big leaps don’t come cheap
Best to play it safe at pitch
Snip the budding idea
Quench the fire to create
Just do the obvious

How to stay afloat in times of change?
Is it time to
Publish or perish?
Bring to market or perish?
Do the obvious or perish?
Reinvent, create, innovate or perish?

Wicked problems, hiding answers

Human creativity is a conundrum
A mystery pickle that tickles the mind
Should it be lead or allowed to find its own way?

Seeing is believing
Believing is seeing

Who give ideas wings?
Let champions fly?
Find joy in helping dreams come true?
Place the bet when the stakes are high?
Take the leap to the unknown?
Have the guts to trust gut feeling?
Have courage to let market surveys be?

I claim

The winners in economic battles
Have leaders who
Believe in people
Don’t preach empty words of success
Have patience for mutual exploration to gain clarification
Cultivate humane cultures that endure the test of time
Persevere in all winds

Winners know not knowing the HOW now
Is how the future should be embraced

Winners hit unexpected home runs
While having fun
Playing with ideas
Cooking them al dente
Just ripe for the consumer bite
At the bakery of success

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